Reading Classics: PRIDE AND PREJUDICE by Jane Austen

I finally read PRIDE AND PREJUDICE! Not going to lie, I went into this one nervous about whether or not I would enjoy it. I’d seen bits and pieces of the movie as well as seeing PRIDE AND PREJUDICE AND ZOMBIES, but that was the extent of my knowledge regarding this book.

The plot itself is pretty well known, along with most of the major events throughout the novel, and so i really expected to go into this bored and forcing myself to finish. I don’t know why I keep having these expectations when reading classics, because I thought the same thing about FRANKENSTEIN and ended up enjoying it.

I flew through my read of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, reading the bulk of the book in three days. I loved how the characters interacted, how even though I already knew how Elizabeth and Darcy were going to interact at the beginning, I was taken by surprise with their dialogue.

I also was happy to see that a lot of the interactions and characters I’d assumed I already knew were a lot less two dimensional than the impressions I’d gotten from my general knowledge of the story.

Lydia made all the mistakes I knew she would, but in ways I hadn’t expected. Jane and Bingley were sweet and adorable but still more genuine than I thought they’d be. And Darcy and Elizabeth were snarky and disagreeable in all the ways I knew they’d be but with personality and concern that really made me root for them and rush through reading so I could know what came next.

It’s hard to really say how I feel about this book because it is a classic and one I knew enough of to feel that the story wasn’t a surprise when reading. But with all that it was still enjoyable and amazing, and I’m glad I finally picked it up.

My sister even said “I told you so,” though we agreed that I might not have enjoyed it this much if I’d read it years ago. Which is to say, don’t push yourself to read books, even classics, that you aren’t interested in, but do give them a chance if you can because they may very well surprise you.

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  1. I had the same thing happen to me when I read it a couple years ago! I felt that I’d missed out on a lot of classics and that I should catch up, but I was really dreading it. Turns out there’s a reason it’s a classic!

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